The Design-Build approach allows both for more control and flexibility. Design , estimating and construction are part of one continuum allowing for follow through and feedback . Value Engineering is an important phase in which the design is adjusted to better match the budget. The Design-Build approach allows for design changes in the field without impacting the integrity of the design since the designer is part of the team.

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Cost-Plus Contracts
In a cost-plus arrangement the customer pays only for exactly what he or she gets. There are no hidden fees or mark-ups. Since there is no need for the contractor to protect himself against unforeseen issues, there is no need to ‘pad’ the contract price.

Transparent Accounting
Each invoice is accompanied by back-up documentation consisting of all invoices from sub-contractors and vendors. The contractors’ fee is added to the base cost of materials and labor. ….

Customer Satisfaction
We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible design and the highest
quality construction for their budget. Each project is given the same care and attention because customer satisfaction is our highest goal. Happy customers are not only sources for future referrals, but a sign that we have accomplished out goal of being a providing an excellent product that we
can be proud of.

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